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Quotes from specialist UK dog insurance companies. Just click the 'quote' button and fill in the required details, most forms take less than 5 minutes to complete!

All dog insurers (insurance providers) listed on this website are registered with the FSA and all dog insurance quotes are FREE with no obligation to buy.

Pet Cat Insurance Cooperative Pet Insurance - Dog Insurance
- 2 policy options Classic pet insurance or  Select Plus pet insurance (new cover requirement dog must be in good health).
- Select Plus up to £5000 per year, plus up to £750 complementary treatment cover - Classic cover up to £2,000 per medical condition for up to 12 months.
- 25% off Online discount.
- Multi pet cover option if you have more than one pet.
- Comprehensive dental cover, *subject to a yearly dental check up.
- Option to pay monthly by Direct Debit at no extra cost
- 100 Coop member points per policy
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Pet Cat Insurance John Lewis Dog Insurance Cover
- A lifelong policy will cover ongoing conditions should your dog have a long term or on going illness
- Policies and cover from 8 weeks old
- Policies starting from £5* per month (*monthly cost depends on age and breed of dog)
- Up to £12,000 in vets bills
- Vet treatment cover including physiotherapy and specialist foods
- Claims can be processed simply and direct payments can be made to your vet
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Pet Dog Insurance Quote E&L Dog Insurance Cover
- 3 policy options Silver, Gold or Diamond (dog must be in good health)
- Lifelong policy will cover an ongoing condition should your puppy go on to develop a long term illness.
- £3500 to £6000 in annual vets bills.
- 20% online discount.
- Includes some dental treatments.
- Claims assessed quickly and effectively.
- Public liability cover in excess of £1 million.
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Direct Line Dog Insurance Quote M&S - Dog Insurance Cover
- 2 policy options Standard and Premium (cat must be in good health).
- Policies cover puppies and dogs from 8 weeks up to 11 years (less for certain breeds).
- £4000 in vets bills (Standard Cover) up to £1000 for each illness, injury or disease.
- £7000 in vets bills (Premium Cover) (per eligible condition), with no time limit.
- 15% discount if you quote and buy online!
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